Level 012: Lord of the Launchers, You've been Warframed, Billboards and Spaceships


June 25th, 2019

23 mins 34 secs

Season 1

Your Host

About this Episode

GOG looks to unify all game launchers, Warframe has come a long way since launch, Reddit is buying a billboard for Hello Games

❤️ GOG wants to get all your games and friends in one place with Galaxy 2.0.. Register for the BETA here.

💚 Thom has been playing a lot of Warframe, a free2play third person shooter looter which continues to go from strength to strength since it launched back in 2013.

💙 The /r/NoMansSkyTheGame subreddit are showing thier appreciation to Hello Games by funding a billboard of gratitude with the extra cash going to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

hello board billboard

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